posted on 4-30-2013 in ubuntu, server, saucy, UDS

CFT - 13.05 vUDS - Cloud & Server Track

Now Raring Ringtail (13.04) is firmly out of the release door, we must once again begin to switch our attention to the next development series - which will become 13.10, and is codenamed the Saucy Salamander.

We experimented with a mid-point virtual UDS during the raring cycle just gone, and it was a great success. We will therefore be ... Continue Reading

posted on 4-26-2013 in ubuntu, server, openstack, maas, cloud, juju, ceph, mongodb

Ubuntu 13.04 - (Raring Ringtail) - Released

The latest instalment of Ubuntu releases came out today. This is called 13.04 and was code named Raring Ringtail.

There were many exciting developments in the Desktop, but I'd like to offer my thoughts on the Cloud area. I have outlined some of the areas of most interest... Continue Reading

posted on 4-25-2013 in noise

Back to blogging

After bit of a hiatus, I am looking to do some more blogging. Welcome, and enjoy the ride.

... Continue Reading

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